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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tab Locking in Firefox

I was forced to deal with odd behavior exhibited by Firefox today that drove me crazy for almost an hour. I used Apple's iWeb to post some pictures and a short movie of our Thanksgiving turkey day, but when testing my iWeb slide show after publication I kept receiving a 404 error for a phantom page that wasn't being found on my server. I finally traced the problem to iWeb's generated javascript which utilizes a void operator. Ultimately, the problem was related to how I had my tab browsing preferences set in Firefox. I enabled the "Tab Locking" feature to "Force all left-clicked links to open in new tabs." The javascript void used in the iWeb slide show was instructing the browser to evaluate some type of expression javascript:void GetNextImage() but do nothing with it, but Firefox WAS attempting to do something with the expression including forcing open a new window and searching for a null page. The iWeb photo slide show no longer attempted to open these phantom pop-up pages after I disabled the tab locking option.


  • are you sure that's a firefox problem?

    you've got a link to [a href="javascript:void foo();"]x[/a], right?

    if i was a browser (so glad i'm not, poor beasties), then that would evaluate to a link to '[a href='NULL']x[/a], wouldn't it?

    i think the problem might be that iWeb ought to produce links either to the result of the javascript expression (1996-style), or use onClick (1998-style), or use unobtrusive JS (this century)

    but hey, i'm not really a javascript parser myself ... just a thought

    By Blogger xurizaemon, at 5:23 PM  

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